Temples where they spend the wedding ceremony in Kiev

  • St. Andrew's Church - the wedding ceremony
    St. Andrew's Church

    St. Andrew's Church located on the steep right Bank of the Dnieper river, the historic part of the city's Hem. It is visible from afar and is due to its elegant and colorful look of one of the most notable architectural works of Kiev. St. Andrew's Church goes down the picturesque St. Andrew's descent, since ancient times, connects the upper town with the lower. On Andreevsky descent was born and lived Mikhail Bulgakov.

  • Holy protection Church (on priorke)
    Holy protection Church (on priorke)

    Despite the fact that the temple is on the hill – the hill, the name still comes from the word "prior" - the Abbot of a Catholic monastery. Which really was at the hem, but was abolished in the nineteenth century.

  • The temple complex of the Archangel Michael (Darnitsa)
    The temple complex of the Archangel Michael (Darnitsa)

    After 1,000 years since the Baptism of Russia had the will to build on the left Bank of Kyiv complex of temples, called from decided to the glory of the Archangel Michael. The complex was conceived as the largest center of Orthodoxy on the left Bank. It had to include: Church of Entry into Jerusalem, the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and the chapel of the baptistery.

  • Holy cross Church (at the hem)
    Holy cross Church (at the hem)

    In 1748, this place was built the wooden Church at the expense of the residents of the tract tanners, contained herein are the craft shop (a collective member of the Kyiv brotherhood, founded in 1615 to protect the Orthodox Church in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). In 1811, a wooden Church was burned. In the same year was laid the stone warm temple in the name of Archangel Michael. In 1823 began the construction of the upper Church and in 1841 he was consecrated in honor of the exaltation of the Holy cross. In the 1860s, with the North being completed with the Kazan chapel, and in the South St. Andrew. In 1914 in the Northern part of the site is built chapel.

  • Svyato-Vvedensky monastery (Pechersk)
    Svyato-Vvedensky monastery (Pechersk)

    the Widow of captain Matrona Aleksandrovna Egorova he obtained a women's community at the cave. To benefit the community, she donated their house and the capital. She died in St. Petersburg, secretly having accepted before death monastic tonsure with the name Dimitar (9 March 1878).the same year her remains were moved to the lower Church of Vvedenskaya community. In 1878 - 1879 was consecrated both temples, and in 1882 built the bell tower. In 1901 the community was transformed into a coenobitic female monastery and parochial school for girls.

  • The Church Of St. George The Victorious In Kiev
    The Church Of St. George The Victorious

    the First service was held on 26 March / 8 April 2001 the Temple is situated in the adapted room. It is planned to build a "model" of the templethe Abbot – priest Roman Baranov.

  • The Church Of St. George The Victorious
    The Church Of St. George The Victorious

    the Prayer service and the laying of the Foundation stone of the building took place on 4 / on April 17, 2001, Tuesday of Bright week. A temple was consecrated on 9 / August 22, 2001, and on the feast day, 26 November / 9 December 2001 he held the first Episcopal service.Provisional rite price: 240 USD wedding Days: Wed, Fri, sat, sun Pre-registration in registry office: needed

  • The Church Of The Annunciation (Svyatoshin)
    The Church Of The Annunciation (Svyatoshin)

    the Construction of the Cathedral began in 1999 In December 2000, Annunciation parish was separated from the parish Church of the conception of John the Baptist and became an independent. The first service was held on the Nativity of Christ 25 December / 7 January, 2001 the Temple is situated in the adapted room.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral (Troyeshchyna)
    Holy Trinity Cathedral (Troyeshchyna)

    IN the ELEVENTH to THIRTEENTH centuries between Troyeshchyna and Vigurovschina was the country Palace of Kiev princes. In XVI – XVII centuries these villages were donated to the monasteries. Diploma of Peter I, dated 16 October 1720 confirms that the village Troyeshchyna belongs to Holy Trinity hospital at the Lavra monastery. An inventory of 1781, speaks of the existence of the temple in troyeschina...the Abbot, rural Dean of North-East district FR. Dimitri Grigoraki.

  • The Church Of Life-Giving Source Of Kiev
    The Church Of Life-Giving Source

    Is the Church of Life giving Source on the South Borschagivka. And although the history of the Church numbers about 350 years, it was repeatedly destroyed. And it was restored only in the 90s of the last century.