All registry offices of Kiev. Work. When to apply

  • The Central registry office
    The Central registry office

    The Central registry office in Kiev, is located on Victory Avenue between the metro station Polytechnic Institute, and a Circus. The chief REGISTRAR – Valentina Chesnokova. In the Central registry office is the registration of marriage between citizens of Ukraine and between residents of the country with foreigners.

  • Goloseevskiy Kiev registry office
    Goloseevsky registry office

    Goloseevskiy Kiev registry office, before 2001, was called Kaganovichsky, and then was renamed into the Moscow registry office. Located near the metro station "Republican Stadium". In Shase very little room for small weddings. No more than 25 people.

  • The Registrar Darnitskiy Kiev
    Tampere registry office

    Tampere registry office is in the same building with the left-Bank registry office. And otlichie, has a small room for painting. Hardly accommodate 30 people.

  • The Registrar's office Desnyanskiy Kiev
    The Desnyansky Registrar

    by the Registrar's office is open from 1988. And was formerly known as Vatutinsky. The modern name he received 2001. In recent years, room for the wedding are in order, and the building was refurbished.

  • The Registrar of the Dnieper Kiev
    Dnipro Registrar

    The Building of the Dnieper registry office have not been repaired, and has several ancient. The building is decorated with rings - a symbol of the newlyweds. But, otlichie, from the building of the hall in perfect condition. There is a large bathroom for guests and the newlyweds in front of the hall. It should be noted, also, quality lighting.

  • The Registrar's office Obolon Kiev
    Obolon Registrar

    Registrar's office is 100 metres from the Minsk metro. In a separate building in the middle of residential houses. Appearance produces a solemn impression, but inside is beautiful and quite spacious room for the wedding. The hall could easily fit 40-50 people.

  • Podolsky registry office of Kiev
    Podolsky Registrar

    Podolsk the Registrar's office is located in a picturesque place of Kiev, in Podil. Close to the Kontraktova square. In the premises of the registry office is a small room for the wedding.

  • Svyatoshinsky Registrar
    Svyatoshinsky Registrar

    Sviatoshynskyi the Registrar has existed since 1973. But the present name has received only in 2001. Previously it was called Leningrad. Room for the wedding small, but cozy. In pink and white, with a capacity of 25-30 people.

  • Solomensky Registrar
    Solomensky Registrar

    Kiev registry office is open from 1973. Since that time he several times changed the name. Previously it was called Train, then October. And habitual to us the name given in the 21st century, in 2001. Putting the Registrar's office is always in good condition. Capacity up to 60 people.

  • Shevchenko Registrar
    Shevchenko Registrar

    In 2003, in the hall for the wedding registry office of Shevchenko was given a major overhaul. Since then has performed only cosmetic repairs. Room small, 25-30 people.