Banquet hall for wedding

  • The Restaurant Maxim-F ("Max-F")
    The Restaurant Maxim-F ("Max-F")

    What could be better than good company with tasty author cuisine and pleasant at the same time active sports training. And it is for active and modern people have created a great complex "Maskim f". this complex spread their knowledge in a wonderful neighborhood Osokorki in Kiev on the street with a wonderful name, the Garden sixty-three. The complex is situated just a few minutes walk from the metro station "Slavutich". Once in the restaurant complex "Maxim-F", you get immersed into another life. A life without problems and worries. In short it is a tale with many alluring multi-colored lights and harmony.

  • The Restaurant Sofievsky Posad
    The Restaurant Sofievsky Posad

    All love nature and fresh, clean air. And for such lovers in Kiev is a great school with a wonderful name "Sofievsky Posad". The restaurant "sophievsky Posad" is located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev, on the Kiev street eighty-one shot two. The restaurant has spread its expanse in ten minutes from metro station "Akademgorodok", and the airport "Zhulyany" all side by side. From the restaurant "sophievsky Posad" you will be able to reach without problems in any desired position.

  • The Restaurant Verkhovyna
    The Restaurant Verkhovyna

    If we consider places to stay then there is no doubt that the restaurant Verkhovyna seduces with its simple decor, and of course attracting national cuisine. The restaurant is located in the capital, but away from the bustle of traffic. Where the wedding Banquet will not just forget, the fresh air and greenery which surrounded the restaurant Verhovina offers for a pleasant stay, and in the summer heat just can not do without a beautiful natural outdoor areas.

  • Restaurant Lasik
    Restaurant Lasik

    If you are crazy about Georgian cuisine, the restaurant "Lazika" is the place in which you will be crazy about Georgian dishes. The restaurant "Lazika" is located in the heart of Kiev, Malaya Zhitomirskaya 16/3. very near to restaurant, metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Also nearby is the hotel "Cossack", which is very convenient for visiting guests of the city of Kiev. The restaurant "Lazika" opens its doors at ten in the morning and closes at eleven PM, when the celebrations closes at midnight.

  • Restaurant Olympic Village ("Olympic Village")
    Restaurant Olympic Village ("Olympic Village")

    Everyone dreams to be on top of mount Olympus. And here in Kiev there is such a possibility. If you are tired of boring standard cafes and restaurants, the restaurant Olympic Village ("Olympic village") is the institution in which, having been once, will return again and again.

  • The Restaurant Limoni (The"Limoni")
    The Restaurant Limoni (The"Limoni")

    In the bustle of everyday life, we often forget about the little joys or surprises. I decided about this yet remember, and the upcoming on the eve of own birthday I decided to book a table at a restaurant to celebrate this event in a circle of closest friends. I wanted to surprise with an unexpected proposal, but also the school. Scrolling through a few pages of reviews and my choice fell on the restaurant Limoni (the"Limone"), which is the street gusovsky.

  • National Opera restaurant (IOD)
    National Opera restaurant (IOD)

    Almost everyone likes the theatre. To relax mentally and morally. And just for this pastime in Kiev created the national Opera restaurant. In that ,you can also mentally relax and sophistication to dinner.the national Opera restaurant spread their knowledge on Vladimirskaya street fifty. If you don't want a lot of time on the way to the restaurant national Opera to be held in Kyiv traffic jams, it is a great opportunity to the restaurant to get to the subway. Teatralnaya metro station or Golden gate.

  • The restaurant Delicates Club (the"club Delicacy")
    The restaurant Delicates Club (the"club Delicacy")

    Choosing a restaurant for wedding Banquet, we with her future husband must have been very confused – I wanted bright, spacious room, and good food and service did not disappoint. Our choice fell on a few good restaurants in Kiev, but we stopped at the restaurant Delicates Slub. Of the benefits for which we chose are the following.

  • The Restaurant Beerfish ("Birfer")
    The Restaurant Beerfish ("Birfer")

    Beer and fish, the most delicious combination for any company, but it's not all that can offer you a restaurant, Birtish as the fish is sushi, rolls and other tasty snacks. For fish lovers Paradise to get to this place.the restaurant in our concept a bit more, and birtish more like a bar, orders are taken at the bar on drinks and food. Birfer has the youth, because it is always noisy and fun, it is hard to imagine a romantic dinner here, but the setting for a first date, and meet friends more than adequate.

  • Restaurant The Restaurant "Alisa Music Club"
    Restaurant The Restaurant "Alisa Music Club"

    We adults are All busy people, but many people want to get into the story. And it is in the truest sense of the word. And this tale is, among the monotony of everyday life and bustle, you can fully break in a wonderful place. In the heart of our capital, there is an excellent restaurant "Alisa music club" on the street connecting the two. A great landmark of this restaurant is the Embassy of Serbia.