The first dance of the young

dreams of a first dance at a wedding

Young First dance at a wedding is a bright, special and symbolic moment of Your wedding. It combines moments of joy and beauty, memories of first meeting and celebration of love.

the Selection of tunes and performances for the first dance at the wedding should be taken carefully because it have to be Your unique love melody. Those 5 minutes when each of your invited guests will admire You. There are no specific rules. This is Your first dance is a tender touching and beautiful.

we Hope our the hit parade of the first dances a wedding will help you with the selection and You will have creative ideas and solutions for Your Wedding! If You think that the first dance is the embodiment of Your love, this is the beginning from which to start Your family life together You should pay attention to the services stage dances for the newlyweds. Of course, if you're both professional dancers, this is not your case. Unfortunately, nowadays most wedding couples don't have similar skills.

If You can't dance and don't want to "stall" in place, regular dancing a slow dance refer to specialists choreographers. Even if Your "training" will not last, guests will anyway appreciate your efforts perfectly, not to mention memory in a form wedding film or wedding photography.

First dance at a ceremony on-site in Kiev


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