Wedding calendar

  • Wedding calendar 2016
    Wedding calendar 2016

    Wedding is one of the important sacraments of the Orthodox Church, which for believers has a deep religious significance. Perhaps you personally don't give religion such a value, then you will be interested in the beauty of the temple and a beautiful and touching ceremony. You can often hear the phrase that the marriages are made in heaven. Wedding is an earthly confirmation of this statement.

  • Wedding calendar 2015
    Wedding calendar 2015

    If you are planning a wedding with wedding in 2015, you will be very useful this calendar. As you already know the wedding is held not every day. Allowed dates depend on the positions, day of the week and other reasons.If we consider the most popular among newly-weds from may to October, there's plenty of comfortable days for the wedding.

  • Wedding calendar 2013
    Wedding calendar 2013

    Wedding is not just a beautiful ceremony, but also a responsible step in your life leading to the creation of a truly strong family. After all, often to the wedding ceremony coming days and years when the couple is confident in their relationship.

  • Wedding calendar 2012 year
    Wedding calendar for 2012

    wedding is a marriage before God. The wedding is carried out after the marriage in the registry office for the marriage certificate, You actually will require a Church.