The wedding Videography in Kiev

Wedding video HD

Wedding video in HD format (high definition video), which used the most significant parts with the whole wedding party

Our advantage:

wedding videography in Kiev

- individual, the correct approach to each client

- polite and unobtrusive manner of work

top quality, both at the stage of filming, and at the stage of installation of the wedding movie

- we use only professional equipment (professional HDV camera is canon XH A1s or DSLR videography on the canon 7D)

- you can always make changes to your wedding film, after watching you can remove some parts and it is included in the price

you can select music for the key moments of the installation

Why us?

wedding videographer in Kiev

wedding Videography, as the the holiday organization from the Studio "Premiere" - it is profitable. High quality combined with reasonable price, lots of bonuses. Our videographer is a talented artist at Your wedding. If to this we add competent, professional installation shot, You will end up with truly artistic movie of Your wedding, anniversary, graduation party.

We work a lot to wedding videography not only reflect the events occurring at the wedding, but also had artistic value, a clear storyline, the style and the look "film-like". If You want something really artistically valuable, try stylistic design of the film, for example, video of the wedding in gangster style movie or a wedding in the Ukrainian style, Russian style. Please note, the style of the wedding videographer is selected depending on your Banquet hall or restaurant, decoration painting and visiting the filming locations You want to visit during the wedding walk. Such wedding films look much better than usual, but require interaction with the newlyweds, the decisions of a number of creative tasks.

Why you need wedding videography?

wedding story video-film

Wedding videography is a special genre, where creative thinking must be combined with reaction speed and professionalism. Our joint work will be the result! Optionally, you can optionally create the image of the witnesses, and guests. Don't stay indifferent, let's create together!

What will be the wedding movie?

Classic wedding movie consists of these sections:

  • entry - caption
  • music video "Morning groom"
  • music video "Morning bride" or "Fees"
  • installation in a reportage style or clip - shooter "Entrance of the groom", "Redemption", "the Blessing of the parents"
  • the wedding ceremony (if Wedding – Wedding Ceremony)
  • the video for "Walk", sometimes it replaces a clip out of snippets of the whole wedding party
  • the story "Feast" (toasts, games, contests, ceremonies, etc.). Tostmaster Viktoriya Dovzhenko.
  • Additional features:

    By customer request we produce a 10-15 minute video in the form of a clip with the whole wedding party, the so-called "European gift" composed of the best personnel. It is possible to manufacture the presentation of childhood photos, which is a film or presentation that can couple to show the guests during the wedding Banquet. Carried out pre-wedding Love Story shooting or movie "date". Run the video site ceremony or painting in the registry office.You can replicate (multiple copying) a DVD disc, additional recording media such as tapes (tape recorder).

    Viewing snippets wedding filmay

    Clip - walk in the Park "Feofania"


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