Cost of services Studio "Premiere"

Promotions & discounts
You can always count on discounts and gifts if:

Your party will not happen this weekend, not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. the

  • You order we have more than one service.
  • order Amount 15 000 UAH
  • Ceremony

    Colored sand for the ceremony in Kiev

    from 2000UAH. (leading the ceremony exit)

    the Average price of ( host, arch, floral arrangements, the road of happiness, lepecki, decoration of table leading) - 4500 UAH

    The master of Ceremonies and Musicians

    Toastmasters Victoria Dovzhenko

    from 8000 UAH. (leading to a wedding Banquet)

    the Average price (leading, live music, disco lights, stage fog, bubbles mylnye) - 10000UAH

    Wedding Videography

    Videography wedding celebration

    from 6500UAH. ( until first dance)

    the Average price - 8000UAH

    Video HDV - from 9000UAH

    Dualcamera HDV shooting - from 12000UAH

    Wedding photographer

    Services wedding photographer

    from 6500UAH. ( until first dance)

    the Average price - 7500UAH

    photo books 3500UAH

    Complete order

    When ordering 2 or more services - discounts and gifts.


    the organization of the wedding under the key - 25 000 UAH

    Average price 25000 UAH. (not including the Banquet menu)

    the Average price, including the Banquet menu - 50000UAH

    of Course, all prices are calculated individually!