Fashion trends in weddings in 2014

Fashion trends in weddings in 2014

Every girl dreams of becoming a beautiful bride in a fabulous dress. And not just fabulous and trendy. Fashion is changes every year. Today, with the help of Internet you can follow the fashion trends. And so what fashion wedding trends in two thousand fourteenth year.

Wedding in two thousand fourteenth year is collected from majestic contradiction of luxury and simplicity. Sharp and soft lines, the brightness of the textures.

In the two thousand fourteenth in the fashion breaks in constant and majestic velvet. The velvet will give your wedding a majestic aristocracy. Velvet can be used in a variety of colors and shades. It is also used as in the details of the jewelry the young and the elements of decoration of the wedding room.

the Glamour and simplicity of another horse for two thousand fourteenth year. Wedding in the style of the twenties to become very important among honeymooners. In such wedding ceremonies of pastel colors with added sparkle of gold, silver, a variety of sequins, feathers and a variety of patterns, of course graceful crystal.

has become Very popular vintage style decoration at the wedding celebration. All kinds of lace detail, Antiques, vintage cage, antique black and white photos. Wedding in vintage style, very stylish and not ordinary.

trend of the two thousand fourteenth year is a long phot. Many brides choose a veil a lot more your growth. This trend brings femininity, airiness and of course tenderness.

the Way wedding dresses just suffered minor changes. Now the trend of wedding dresses with open back frankly. That brings the intrigue and seductiveness to the bride's look. But not many brides dare to such a revealing outfit.

Two thousand and fourteenth year changes in the image of the bride. Now in trend natural feminine look. Replacing bulky high hairstyles with a lot of lacquer, come simple flowing hair or simply braided hair into a braid and binding a wreath. That the crown main accessory hair in two thousand fourteenth year.

the Bridal Bouquet has changed this year. Replaced gorgeous bouquets came with bouquets of peonies and roses pinolenic. These flowers are the perfect floral décor, can even be the basis of jewelry.

But the wedding celebration outdoors the main trend this year. Registry offices already passed stage. Services on-site ceremony is much simplified the procedure of marriage for the newlyweds. What could be better than a wedding celebration outdoors with a huge imagination.

Leading Victoria Dovzhenko will help in the organization and execution of your destination wedding ceremony. Will tell you which style is best to organize a wedding.

The biggest wedding trend for two thousand and fourteen years are the details. Most importantly, think through it clearly and specifically and then your wedding will take place at the highest level. And will only the best and fond memories of the bright holiday.