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Photo Gallery-examples of wedding photo books

What we offer?

Wedding photographer

- creativity (we are always made to take photographs of the wedding something new)

- print photobooks at reasonable prices

- on-line matching the layout of the photo album, you see the result and can print photos to make their adjustments

- a wide selection of designs for photo album, photobook and design reversals, etc.

wedding photography is done in RAW mode, allowing you to achieve maximum results and perfect colors

- a large range of prices, allowing you to tailor Your order to suit Your budget

Why book the services of a wedding photographer?

services wedding photographer

Leaving the limousine, otgremyat fireworks to end the wedding Banquet, tired and happy relatives, guests gone home, begin a happy family life... How to keep vivid memories of this beautiful wedding day?

People have long invented a way to resurrect the departed, the bright moments in black-and-white and color images. This method – the art of photography. Your emotions, happiness, hope, joy will be with you until in your hands is a simple wedding photo album.

Wedding photography is the same family heirloom, as a wedding ring or the act of marriage. As a wedding photographer – the person whose work You will keep for many years, and I have, children and grandchildren. Therefore, the choice of the wedding photographer is a difficult and very important for organizing events.

Why us?


Wedding photographer Studio "Premiere" politely and tactfully will conduct a photo shoot of Your wedding or corporate event. Wedding photography will give a qualitative result only when using modern professional equipment and talent, multiplied by the years of experience. It is the experience allows you to get bright and vibrant wedding photos.

Only with a full understanding with the customer, the wedding photographer, can achieve stunning results, so the wedding photographer - a little bit psychologist, and, another funny man on Your holiday. Smile! And photographing weddings will turn into a real work of art. At the request of our customers, you can order a wedding album or a photo book where each photo will remind you of brightest and most important day of your life.

How to be a wedding photographer?

photographer on-site ceremony

Wedding photographer - this is a man who sees life in a special angle, which finds beauty in the ordinary things. A true professional photographer is the Director and the artist creating the masterpieces.


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