The Decoration of the Banquet hall with flowers and fabrics.

The Presidium of the newlyweds

the Presidium of the newlyweds

Studio "Premiere" offers a comprehensive decoration of the Presidium of the newlyweds. Typically the kit includes:

  • background fabric for the newlyweds, decorated with flowers or pompoms
  • arrangement of flowers on the table for the newlyweds
  • skirt on the table of the newlyweds, decorated with fabric in your chosen colour scheme
  • Floral arrangement on the table of the newlyweds with flowers

    Floral arrangements on the guests tables

    Floral arrangements on the guests tables

    Very elegant and aesthetically pleasing look flower compositions on the tables of guests. Such compositions are usually small in size, but definitely in the same range as the composition on the table of the newlyweds. We offer compositions for every taste and budget.

    Drapery fabrics

    decoration site ceremony

    Sometimes Banquet hall does not match the style and concept of the holiday. To improve the appearance and give it a Shine will help comprehensive the decoration of the hall. We offer a full range of services for decoration of halls:

  • drapery fabrics columns, arches, problem areas in the interior
  • installation of wedding arches in the selected style and color
  • chair covers with bows in your chosen colour
  • Skirts for tables, buffet table design
  • Decoration pillars and artificial flowers

    hall Decoration pillars and artificial flowers

    If you want to add the appearance of your Banquet hall monumentality and refinement - try the decoration with columns and large compositions of artificial flowers.