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Leading at a corporate party in Kiev with Victoria Dovzhenko is a Ukrainian style

Presenter of the corporate holiday – it is a separate area of creativity. Like the work of toastmaster at a wedding, has its own characteristics and unwritten rules of tone. the Modern corporate as well as celebrations of the last century, has one goal – to rally the team, to add to existing working relationships, friendly relationships.

the easiest way to "unite" on the corporate invented in the USSR – the booze! By the way, is quite valid, but having a few "unpleasant" side effects. Woke up this morning I remembered nothing, for some reason a black eye and a dismissal the next day... of Course, for someone it was over and Vice versa. It was released alcohol the subconscious mind!

In these days teamwork: work style the company moved from "unconscious" to conscious goal-setting activities. We develop a case by case scenario and competition program for any company to achieve their leadership goals. And, of course, a corporate event should be interesting, to be remembered and to join the group.

Musician and singer Igor Khomenko highly Duo yuan Jing Jiang

We offer

  • is the individual scenario and competition programme
  • - sound, microphones, high-quality equipment for disco
  • - Dj, live vocals
  • - services pop-artists (impersonator, magician, Santa Claus, snow maiden), dance groups, performances of pop stars
  • and the main thing, without which all of the above turns out to be just a dull text is the best service leading in Kiev, Dovzhenko Victoria!
  • Leading Victoria Dovzhenko - TV

    Presenter Victoria Dovzhenko is always a great option. As to the script, contests, unique vocal added experience and stage skills, honed from 100 s new year corporate parties, anniversaries, successful companies, the leaders anniversaries, concerts.

    How to organize new year party

    most every successful company has a special, creative employee, which executives from year to year instructs to pick up the lead at the corporate new year holiday. We you in advance "sorry" and try to alleviate your hard work.

    quite simply, not necessary to read the endless sites in search of the unknown who, if you read this – all and your job is done! There were some important steps and your Christmas celebration will be organized in the best way.

    Leading at the corporate new year holiday - Victoria Dovzhenko

    Step 1

    Call leading Victoria Dovzhenko by phone: (097) 227-07-68 for the initial consultation and calculation of the price range. Get ready to answer a few simple questions: - the General concept or style of holiday - accommodation (employees) - the venue of the Christmas party - how many are slated for the lead (typically 5 to 7 hours)

    Step 2

    the result of the call you will learn the necessary information – if your planned date, on which the approximate amount you can expect, what additional services, and therefore costs may need. With this information feel free to go to the head.

    Step 3

    If the head of the company had approved a preliminary estimate, you call us and at the appointed time, she will come to your office for a personal acquaintance and signing of the contract. We are quite officially, and then accept cashless payments and ready to give you all the necessary documentation.

    the leading corporate events in Kiev - Victoria Dovzhenko photo session for the show

    what is the cost of leading corporate

    Practice shows that the cost of services leading must be 10% -25% of the menu value, depending on its level and the views of the client about the celebration. the Why? it's simple – stupid to order in a posh restaurant for 300 guests, leading Aunt Fania for 1000 UAH., conversely, in Gundelik on the edge of the village. The death of Communism the most expensive leading, for example, Zelensky. Ordinary common sense!


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