Organizing children's parties in Kiev

There is No happier time in life than childhood. In childhood it is so easy to believe in miracles and sincerely desire to meet the characters of the fairy tale in reality. Turn back the clock is impossible, and therefore, childhood memories can only save. We offer the happy faces of the children and the memories filled with laughter and smiles.

What we offer

  • full service children's parties
  • organizing the program, individual script writing
  • a team of experienced artists, teachers, leading children's programs
  • bright costumes and characters
  • a flexible system of discounts for complex orders
  • each entertainment program interesting, unique and designed for a wide age group of children
  • Children's parties is not just fun

    Making an entertainment programme for children, we don't forget about the message. In each scenario, there are elements of cultural education for the child. This approach primarily meets the support of the children themselves. They like to learn new things, to get answers to seemingly simple questions. For example, in the scenario of the fairy tale St. Nicholas Day, this moment can be called the stage of protection of trees from a negative character who wanted her to cut.

    Why we are

    In working on entertainment programmes for children involved not only actors, presenters, decorators, and professional educators. Tasked with strengthening a favorable impact on children. In combination with high-quality organization of the festival, competent sound system, a bright work of artists - this creates quite a special experience, guiding your child on the path of creation.

    Prices for children's parties

    the Cost of organizing and conducting children's holiday in your chosen program depends on the number of children invited, the venue, the number of involved actors. On average, the cost ranges from 2000 UAH to 4000 UAH. It includes everything from the development of individual scenario, to transport costs. For the exact price agreed, please call the contact numbers.

    To the Correct working with children is a subtle art

    the above statement is not just words. People say working with children people can only by nature of the soul. The child feels the insincerity and deception, he perceives the surrounding in a special way, and it is these first impressions of life, largely shape his later tendencies.