Wedding ceremony in Kiev

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The wedding ceremony - demo

In the video clip provided fragments with offsite ceremonies at different venues: restaurants, a Park area. Leading field mural - Victoria Dovzhenko, one of the best leading ceremonies in Kiev

Our advantage:

the Leading on-site ceremony

- is individual approach to each client

- is clear, correct, competent speech and diction leading

- only high quality sound

- excellent knowledge of both Russian and Ukrainian languages

- expertise and experience

- integrated design of the hall: exclusive wedding arch, the road of happiness, floral arrangements, decoration of the table leading and more.

- we work with fresh and artificial flowers

Wedding arch in retro style

Why do I need the wedding ceremony?

registration of marriage:

- it is comfortable: not have to wait for hours in the registry office, stand in line, go through the city, through the tube in the rush hour,

- it is beautiful: there is a possibility to decorate the place where you have your ceremony, stylize it, and so on. more romance - less official: the state of the wall can be replaced by an arch twined with flowers, floral arrangements decorated and strewn with rose petals the way of happiness,

decorations for the ceremony exit

- elite: first of all, it's not as standard as the civil ceremony, there is no pipeline approach and constant attempts of employees of registry office to promote You may a large sum of money, and secondly, perhaps away painted professionally voice and thus the voice leading and the answers newlyweds will be clearly audible to all the guests and, ultimately, in the wedding film (voice in the Registrar's office reminds muttering grader ), thirdly, it is possible to use romantic elements, such as: the petals stage or the snow, bubbles, which in itself is unusual and romantic.

How is the wedding ceremony?

the wedding ceremony in the Admiral's club

- Alas, completely without the registry office do not work. In our country only Zisovska painting is an official from a legal point of view. So You have to pay a visit to the registry office on the eve of the exit ceremony and pick up the wedding certificate.

- to Submit an application to the Registrar's office need for the month, so immediately there that need naturestone painting. This usually occurs on Tuesday or Friday ( probably Wednesday and Thursday). If You choose to register marriage on Friday, it makes sense to book the date ( the price 30 - 50 UAH. ).

- " Naturestone " ceremony takes place this way: You without witnesses, guests, photographer and videographer, not bothered by the hairstyles and dress, sign in the registration book. All!

- the Problem is that employees of the registry offices really do not like when you have to do the ceremony on such a simple scenario. And we have to insist on and to fiercely fight back against any further disservice.

How and what to decorate the marriage registration of marriage?

Design-site ceremony in Kiev

In principle, the main advantage of the on-site ceremony that it can be fantastic to decorate. Studio Premier provides a complete solution for decorating on-site ceremony.

a Standard set of accessories for the ceremony exit:

- wedding arch

- the road of happiness

- a table for painting

- glasses

- floral composition

- the chair covers, bows

- baskets for petals of roses

For a budget wedding is possible to separately rent a wedding arch without accessories.

you can Also invite to the ceremony, children dressed as angels.

Everything is limited only by Your imagination!

Scoring-site ceremony?

high-Quality organization of events implies good quality sound!

sound on-site ceremony

Standard requirements for recording on-site ceremony is the presence of wireless microphones and music playback equipment. (Preferably in advance to agree with us on what type of media should be music). Of course, if you want to ozvuchit string Quartet or saxophonist requirements may be different.

Attention! The dubbing ceremony, we are dealing only by appointment!

In the usual case, the ceremony is voiced by the musicians and master of ceremonies who spend on your wedding. ( tip: talk to them about it beforehand) If this is for some reason impossible, you can order professional voice overs on-site ceremony. the

Who conducts an on-site ceremony?

As You already know, the wedding ceremony is not regulated by any official framework. Moreover, as the host site ceremony, you can invite the actor in any, even the most unusual roles.

the Classical variant of the on-site registration of marriage is to consult a professional field leading ceremonies Victoria Dovzhenko.

More about the ceremony exit, you can learn here, on the website


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  • Руслан Федько - 2016-05-27 20:14:55

    Большое спасибо, за чудесную церемонию. Все прошло так трогательно и элегантно, благодаря вам, Виктория. Отельная благодарность от свидетелей Маши и Димы. 14 мая 2016 года. Семья Федько.

    • Виктория Довженко - 2016-05-27 22:19:17

      Руслан, спасибо за позитивный отзыв. Мне очень важно Ваше мнение. Если в Вашей фото сессии будут фотографии со мной))))) обязательно присылайте мне на почту. Спасибо.